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Thank you for clicking into Northwest Animal Healing, open 24/7 (usually) and the coffee is always on. Please excuse the mess, we clean, we have pets, enough said. Actually I was referring to the new look for our website, it may be complete by the time you arrive or it may be in progress still. If you do not find what your looking for on all of the pages during our site changes, please email or leave a phone message.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, we have been serving clients and pets worldwide for 17 years now offering a variety of ways to help with your pets needs. During this time frame no two cases has been exactly alike. It has been a personal goal to never treat you or your loved ones as anything less then uniquely individual.

With that in mind, please peruse the pages and services, the list is general, choose one that most fits your needs or contact us first briefly describing your pets needs, response time is usually within a few hours or lessĀ  depending on our time zones.

From Our Home to Yours, Happy Holidays

Did You Know …

That our pets feel as stressed out during Holiday Season as most Humans do? It’s not unusual for them to act out, on our behalf ! We have a sanity saver solution for this.

Holiday SpecialĀ