Northwest Animal Healing and Intuitive Communication

Since the beginning of time, man and all living beings have been able to communicate, with each other and with us. I like to refer to energy grids, we have ours where we can communicate with each other, and other species have theirs, enabling them to communicate with each other. Using our natural perceptions, we cross energy grid lines that enable us to understand each other at various levels.

During times of natural disaster, animals in the wild warn each other to move and seek safety, they do this by the use of their own personal energy grid and connection to their natural living environment, sensing the changes that are taking place with-in their environment. Taking a look closer to our homes and hearts, we know when our pets are happy, depressed, anxious and so on. The same is true for our animals, they read us far better than we read ourselves.

All of us can communicate on a much higher level. Good teachers and a little faith in our own intuitive abilities can bring out an ability we were born with, but forgot we possessed as we grew older. As children, how many of you talked to your imaginary friend(s), your home pets, toys and so on. And you heard, saw or sensed them talking back to you, right ? At the time this felt natural (because it was!) however society as a rule discourages children from doing anything they no longer understand as adults, or have un-learned themselves. Every living being has the ability to communicate, it has just been bred out of us.

There are many types of Telepathy that enable us to communicate with your pets, present as well as those who have crossed over. Some of us are stong in several areas such as Remote Viewing, mind to mind communication, often referred to as Clairvoyence. Clairaudience, is the ability to hear, words, sentences, sounds, not audible to others, while Clairsentience is a feeling or sensory experience, very informative when an animal is ill and no one seems to know what is wrong. The ability to see, feel and scan their body for sickness can and does help us determine how to best tailor any healing sessions for them. We certainly don’t advocate not seeing your regular vet, their diagnostic skills are invaluable. When we are all on the same page so to speak, we are working at the highest level to promote faster healing.

We could write an entire book on just the subject of Communication and Energy healing, and there are many books on both subjects. I’ll spare you the small print reading and suffice to say there isn’t anything from behavior problems to health related problems, allowing our loved ones to go when their time has come, grief counseling sessions, or just finding out what’s on your pet’s mind that wouldn’t be helped in one way or another by an Intuitive Communication and Reiki session. The subject is broad and we welcome all questions.